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All this talk about cravings during pregnancy brought me back to my pregnancy with my first child. I may be pregnant right now and I hope this time I won’t crave the same odd items. I was in my fifth month or so when my mother and I decided to plant a tree that was going to grow with baby. (I don’t know—it’s my mother.) As we planted this tree, this bizarre “want” came over me. I was feeling somewhat strange but eager and determined to experience this odd desire. As my mother went to get the hose to water the freshly planted tree, I scooped a small handful of dirt and began to indulge in it. It tasted really yummy

Upon returning my mother began to slowly approach me with this what the heck look on her face. She knelt down beside me and said, “Please tell me you wiped your mouth and that you did not eat dirt!” I looked at her and wiped my face and replied with, “I just tried a little.” Needless to say she was on the phone with the doc and making a horrific cry to him that I just ate dirt. He assured her we would be okay and that my body was lacking a certain nutrient or vitamin. I vowed not to eat any more dirt.    

Well … except for one more time and it was potting soil! (Big difference!) I do not recommend eating too much of nature it is not a fruit or vegetable. I was eighteen at the time I did this; I learned of it being called a pika. It is where a pregnant woman craves something that is not food to eat. 

Please consult your doctor if you want to eat dirt or other non edible items. They will understand and help you through this. My son is normal. Kinda. His I.Q. is 127! We joke to this day that is was the dirt! P.S. The tree is tall and beautiful too.