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Crazy Dream

In my dream, me and my friends where in my back yard, he had some weed seeds and gave me some. Then out of nowhere more people came into my back yard then my father popped out of nowhere. He got mad at me, yelling at me, so I told him that he wasn’t my father, but when I was trying to tell him that it was like I couldn’t talk, I was breathing heavy. Then when I finally told him, I told all my friends to get out, I went in the house and saw my father’s girlfriend’s son taking my underwear, but he thought they were his. So when I tried to get them back he started to push me away. We started fighting and his mother and my father were watching, then I went outside in the front looking up I seen a full moon and a big star. Then out of nowhere the star started to move and I made a wish that I could change the world. Out of nowhere the star got closer and it was a space ship and it landed around the corner from my house. Everybody came out side going crazy but the government told us not to worry. Then after, this guy leaves his car with the key in it and I hopped in the car to try and tell my family to come on, but they wouldn’t come. So when I was driving I felt like if I was to keep going, I was going to die, so I turned around and parked the car and got out and woke up.

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