Create Autumn Family Memories

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Create Autumn Family Memories

The autumnal equinox each year signals the beginning of a transition into winter. It is when daytime hours are equal to nighttime hours and balance is created.

The zodiac sign libra means “scales” or “balance.” The dates are from September 23 to October 22 and starts off the fall harvest season. 

It is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac with all the others representing either humans or animals. It represents the zenith of the year, the high point of the seasons with the harvest of all the hard work of the spring.

Many activities are celebrated throughout the world to acknowledge the transition from summer to winter. The pagan and religious events vary from country to country, but all are intended to express joy at the coming cooler weather and thanksgiving for the summer bounty.

Some general ideas listed below can help to jump-start your imagination and create traditions for your family.

Maze Walking
Many farmers cut paths through corn or wheat fields in the fall and encourage people to walk through them. This is a fun family adventure as it creates a way for children and parents to work together and solve the maze.

Some farmers also provide hayrides or have pumpkin fields where you can choose your favorites.

Leaf Jumping
The whole family rakes up leaves and then everyone has fun jumping into them. It is especially fun for the children because it isn’t often that they get to see their parents acting silly. Rake them up and do it over again. Leaf jumping is just one of those activities that happen only this time of year.

Birds Migrating
Cooler weather in northern regions signals many species of birds to start a journey south. Learning which ones fly over which areas and then visiting there is an activity that can involve the whole family. Travel to ponds or lakes where they might be present at one of their stopovers.

Fall Camping
Fall in the forest is a great time to watch for animals that are out and about storing food for the winter. Enhancing nature photography skills or exploring those places that were missed during the summer because of the heat can be an exciting venture. Campfires are more enjoyable, too, in the cooler air of autumn, so marshmallows and chocolate and graham crackers are a must.

Fall Hiking
A year-round pursuit, hiking is sweetest in the fall and spring, when a change in the weather brings about the most fascinating changes in plant life and wildlife behavior. If the thought of a strenuous hike makes your knees ache, opt for a leisurely walk through a local park instead. Just get out there and enjoy it!

Flower and Vegetable Planting
In many parts of the country, certain flowers thrive throughout the fall and even into the winter. In the hot deserts, fall vegetable gardens thrive on the cooler temperatures. Check with the local county extension office for the best plants for that area.

Farm Crops
Many areas have pick-your-own farms and orchards where you benefit from all the hard summer work. Children love to run around in a pumpkin patch choosing just the right one. Or apple orchards that feature many varieties might be open to the public.

Whatever activity is available, the family benefits from the together time and memories are created that last a lifetime. Search your memories for additional activities and take advantage of the cooler temperatures to get everyone outside and involved.

Autumn is a great season to be outside.