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12 Charitable Companies That Will Make You Feel Good About Holiday-Buying

Giving gifts is one of the best parts of the holiday season. By purchasing your family and friends' holiday presents from one (or all!) of these 12 companies who pride themselves in donating money and resources to causes that truly need it, you can, in turn, put a smile on faces all around the world.

Bath and Body Works

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Bath and Body Works is diligent in donating to Planned Parenthood, and little gifts like their gift baskets are a great way to show your coworkers how much you appreciate them! Besides, with this "Dark Kiss" lotion, everyone can be ready for that mistletoe smooch.

To buy: $15, Bath and Body Works

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Photo: Bath and Body Works


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Every time a COACH employee donates to a charity of their choice, the company will match the donation amount, and what's not to love about that? They already charmed us by the cuteness and quality of their products, but this gives us even more of a reason to shop for gifts for our friends (and maybe ourselves, too) this year!

To buy: Coach Codes Charm Bracelet, $87.50

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Photo: COACH


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Among many others, Macy's is a huge proponent and funder of organizations for women that dedicate themselves to health and domestic violence. As if we needed another reason to buy this adorable Saffiano Tote as gifts for our sister and mom!

To buy: Macy's Giani Bernini Saffiano Tote, $49.99

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Photo: Macy's


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Now the coffee addict in your life can feel good about their love of espresso! Starbucks has been a prominent supporter of HIV/AIDS prevention, education, and treatment programs over the years, and they continue to support young men and women by providing training programs for those who might not otherwise have access to higher education. So, swing by the 'Bucks on your way to work, grab a gift card for your BFF or pick up a tumbler for your sister!

To buy: Coffee & Tea Refill Tumbler, $40

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Photo: Starbucks

Saheli Designs

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Not only can you choose from countless designs and products, but profits of each sale go to the women's empowerment social enterprise of Saheli Designs, India. The company also trains women from a rural Indian village in hand embroidery who might not otherwise have employment in order to help them provide sustainable livelihoods!

To buy: Etsy, SaheliDesigns, $22.75

Photo: SaheliDesigns| Etsy


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For the more practical person in your life, this duffle bag from IKEA is massive, but also simply folds into its own pocket for easy storage! The IKEA Foundation has donated a total of $30.8 million to help the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) make refugee camps across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East safer places for children and families to live. This duffel is the perfect way to support IKEA's endeavors!

To buy: Foldable Duffel With Carrying Pouch, $14.40

Photo: IKEA

Anne B Designs

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We love everything about these Anne B bags — from the products themselves to the values the company stands by! Current employees have traveled to slums in India in order to teach women how to sew and make jewelry, which can absolutely change lives for those women. In addition, they have implemented programs to identify, train, and employ local refugees in the United States, too!

To buy: Boheme, $136

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Photo: Anne B Designs

One Hope

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Choosing wine for your company holiday party just got a lot easier. One Hope Wine uses their platform to donate to countless organizations that are positively changing the world. Is it just us, or did that glass of wine just get a lot sweeter?

To buy: California Brut Sparkling Wine, $18.99

Photo: One Hope Wine

Prosperity Candle

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Each purchase from Prosperity Candle goes to provide employment and entrepreneurship opportunities to women, who have recently resettled from refugee camps, and from looking at these adorable candles it would be hard to just pick one!

To buy: Liberte Pot Candles, $25

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Photo: Prosperity Candle


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1Face takes a little different approach to their giving back methods. By supporting nine different causes (cancer, hunger, breast cancer, clean water, disaster relief, environment, AIDS education, and animal rights) and various charities dealing with those causes, this company lets the buyer decide what they want to donate to depending on the color of the watch! This particular watch goes to solving world hunger, but the decision is yours!

To buy: 1Face, $77

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Photo: 1Face

Social Good

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Proceeds from each one of these Hydros Filtering Water Bottles sold go to funding sustainable water projects to those who truly need it. Grab one for the fitness nut in your friend group this holiday season!

To buy: Hydros Filtering Water Bottle, $19.95

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Photo: Amazon


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NYC-based designer Kaelen Haworth decided to take a stand after the 2016 presidential election and donate the proceeds from her sales to charities that were seen as at risk in light of President-Elect Donald Trump's proposed policies. The clothes are gorgeous, and the causes are just as wonderful.

To buy: Wool Crepe Bell Sleeve Tunic, $795

Photo: Kaelen

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