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This Artist Captures Today's Judgmental Female Expectations

We need to applaud Daisy Bernard for focusing on the world's outlandish views and double standards of women.

The harassment women face every day is ugly, but one artist has found a way to make it beautiful art.

Artist Daisy Bernard was tired of hearing women being told how to dress and behave, often in contradictory ways. Inspired by the recent news of a woman in Nice, France, being forced to remove her burkini, Bernard created a series of illustrations showing how ridiculous society's "advice" for women can be. They clearly show the damaging, gross, and sometimes silly ways all of these conflicting ideas play into women's lives.

"It's not just clothes that women are criticised for. When I was sketching down ideas, I could have done a million different ones just thinking about things that I have experienced day to day," Bernard told "I hope that seeing these conflicting standards/expectations side by side will further reinforce how ridiculous they are."

And they definitely do.

Bernard's art series follows women through work, appearance, relationships, and sex to illuminate society's unrealistic and harmful commentary on how women conduct themselves.

In "Work," Bernard's woman is told "you're so bossy," and "sleep your way to the top."

"You're too high-maintenance," and "you're just one of the guys," are written alongside the woman in Appearance.

For Relationships, we see the conflicting concerns of "why don't you stick up for yourself?," and "somebody's on their period." Ugh.

And finally, in Sex, we see the all-too-real commentary that women are either "frigid" or a "slut."

For more of Daisy Bernard's incredible, woman-powered art, check out her Instagram page @daisybernardart.

Caitlin White

Caitlin White is the Senior Editor at Her work has appeared in,, Bustle, The Huffington Post, Wetpaint, and other publications. If you want to talk about Dateline: Real Life Mysteries, shark movies, or Judy Blume books, she's your woman.

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