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'Daily Beast' Deletes Story on Olympic Gays; Apologizes For Being Horrible

'Daily Beast' writer Nico Hines outs gays in the Olympic Village, and the Internet's blowback was swift and decisive.

On Thursday, The Daily Beast published a piece from editor Nico Hines wherein the straight, married journalist hopped on Grindr looking for gay men among the Olympic athletes in Rio.

Of course, Grindr-baiting young gays for a fluff story is a stunningly creepy idea. Thankfully, Hines refrained from using athlete's names in the original text of the story, but he does describe them by country of origin, height and weight. In other words, he provides just enough information to figure out who he's talking about.

It didn't take long for Hines to be absolutely eviscerated by news outlets across the web, calling his story homophobic, unethical, and potentially dangerous to for the athletes involved, as some of them came from countries where gays are imprisoned or targeted for violence.

To say Twitter wasn't pleased is an understatement.

Predictably, The Daily Beast began backpedaling, first editing the piece to remove more identifying information and changing some of the language. But the negative reaction continued. This morning the site took what it calls the "unprecedented" step of removing the piece entirely, replacing it with a public apology from The Daily Beast editors.

Notably silent, however, is Hines himself. After taking a beating on social media after the release of the story, Hines Twitter page went dark, with no updates since the August 10. The Daily Beast's mea culpa takes care not to mention Hines by name, instead taking the blame for the story as a group effort. (They used the royal "we" in the actual apology.)

As of this writing, Hines remains in Rio, though several outlets have called for the IOC to revoke his credentials.

Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor is a freelance writer based out of Des Moines. He spends his days writing about music, movies, sports and pop culture.

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