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Fighting Fashion-Based Racism with Photoshop

"There is no shame in showing who you are."

Using the hashtag #TheTouchOfIndia, a graphic designer in Canada is photoshopping and drawing celebrities into Indian clothing to raise awareness against some of the disrespect Indian women face for wearing traditional Indian attire. 

Amoolia Sai told Buzzfeed that she started this illustrated series after witnessing some Indian girls making fun of older Indian women walking down the street wearing a salwar kameez. *Insert eye roll*


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"As an Indian living abroad, I've come across a lot of people who put away their culture because they're too ashamed to carry it," Sai tells Buzzfeed. "Instead, they appreciate celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens or Kylie Jenner, who use symbols from other cultures such as the bindi to make a 'fashion statement.'"


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Haute couture clothing by Lebanese designers like Eli Saab and Zuhair Murad, and even simple henna designs and temporary gold glitter tattoos are all notable fashion trends inspired by eastern culture hubs like India. Sai's argument is that when high profile celebrities embody these trends, they become "cool," but when an average woman shows her cultural pride, it's subject to bullying and amusement. And she has a point. "The idea of this series is to appreciate one's culture. It's to show that there is no shame in showing who you are," Sai says. 


via Instagram

Check out more from the #TouchOfIndia series on Sai's website

Faith Brar

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