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'Hot Dudes and Hummus' Instagram Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

This new Instagram account is combining two of our favorite things for one great reason.

Hot dudes and hummus? Is it our birthdays already?

The latest iteration of the "Hot Dudes..." Instagram accounts, "Hot Dudes and Hummus," is even yummier than the ones that came before it. You might already follow "Hot Dudes with Dogs" or "Hot Dudes Reading," but, trust us, you're not going to want to miss this. Featuring all the tasty goodness of your favorite chickpea spread and all the tasty goodness of shirtless Israeli hotties, this Intagram account might be the best thing we've seen all day.

Boasting over 3,000 followers after just 32 posts, "Hot Dudes and Hummus" is already popular online, and for good reason. The account was created by a group of Israeli university students who hoped to capture the attention of non-Jewish and non-Israeli audiences using humor and, well, abdominal muscles. And it is working for us.

Believe it or not, the account started as a class project at IDC Herzliya, the students—Orly Geduld, Betty Ilovici, Ayala Lesser, and Israel Zari—were assigned to create an apolitical branding campaign for the country of Israel. Greatest homework ever, right? We don't have a lot of pull in the college department, but, for what it's worth, we think these students deserve an A+.

Are you a hot dude who loves hummus? Do you know a hot dude who loves hummus? You can submit pictures to the account by direct messaging "Israel's yummiest tag" @hotdudesandhummus or emailing

Rachel Weeks

I'm originally from the Chicagoland area, but I recently moved from beautiful Des Moines, IA to the equally beautiful Denver, CO. I spend my days reading, binge-watching TV shows, performing and listening to comedy and, of course, writing.

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