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This Incredible Model Is Using Her Birthmark To Change Beauty Standards

Paige Billiot is using her port-wine stain birthmark to show the world that our "flaws" don't make us any less beautiful.

Model and actress Paige Billiot is using her birthmark to change society's definition of beauty — one glittery masterpiece at a time.

While much of her youth was spent trying to hide from her birthmark — a port-wine stain that covers nearly half of her face — the 24-year-old finally realized that something had to change.


****************Bow Down*****************. LOVED this shoot and the inspiration behind it. Bow down to you. All of you. Bow down to every imperfection and realize that it's what makes you perfect. Stop consuming yourself with negative worries that you need to change how you look. Bow down to yourself and be the Queen/King that you are. And I'm smiling because I totally crop dusted the photographer. @dmgphotographyla @blkmradams @allisonsinwanderland @bibi5588 #fart #cropduster #down #bowdown #queen #beautiful #love #bowdownbitches #beyou #portwine #birthmark #different #redefine #beauty #differentisthenewnormal #raiseawareness #funny #me #lariver #actress #movement #motivation #inspiration #blue #heels #dress #photoshoot #chair #makeup #boss

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She wrote on her Tumblr, "The first day at a new school, I asked the teacher if I could introduce myself. As hard as it was, I got up in front of the whole class, told them who I was and how I was different. I was finally to breathe, and that's when I noticed a big change. The bullying stopped almost completely. I realized that a lot of those harsh actions came from a place of fear of the unknown."


Now, Billiot's supposed "flaw" is brilliantly making its way into the spotlight. With her launching of the Flawless Affect campaign, that "showcases participants' flaws in a new and beautiful light," and her recent front and center spot in the lingerie brand Curvy Kate's latest campaign, the model is showing the world that our "flaws" don't make us any less beautiful, and we can't get enough.




Hannah Marsh

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