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This Makeup Vlogger's Transformation Gives A New Face To Mental Illness

Beauty blogger Yasaman Gheidi is using makeup to challenge the ongoing stigma toward mental health.

We all know makeup can be powerful when it comes to our emotional state. A perfected cat eye or a fab new matte lipstick can be all the inspiration we need to take on another day. However, beauty blogger Yasaman Gheidi is using her makeup skills to do more than just cover up. Instead, she's (quite literally) drawing attention to the parts of ourselves that so many of us struggle with, yet we so rarely talk about: mental health.

Gheidi started the campaign last week with a YouTube video titled "Inside Out Challenge." She begins the clip with a face full of picture-perfect makeup, but she quickly starts to wipe off some of it until only half of her look is left. With dark eyeshadows and a steady hand, we slowly start to see Gheidi's makeup transform into a raw and heartfelt look that symbolizes the outward face that she presents to the world directly next to the portrayal of the self she battles internally, and it's so incredibly brilliant.


IT'S UP (link in my IG bio)! And oh boy did I have a ton of anxiety uploading this, putting yourself out there is scary! This video is about much more than makeup, it’s about starting a campaign to spread awareness of mental health illnesses via art. The “Inside Out Challenge" is a way to artistically represent what some of us feel on a day to day basis. Many people quietly suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses due to social stigma. The challenge: using makeup create an outward expression of what you or others feel on the inside!!! And post your looks on Instagram using #insideoutchallenge so I can share them! This particular look that I did depicts what I present to others vs. what I sometimes feel on the inside. I had no idea what makeup I wanted to do on the “inner self” half of my face, I just went with what I was feeling. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!! #endthestigma #letstalkaboutit ❤️ _____________________________________________________ #bellmedia #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #makeup #makeuptutorial #mua #makeupartist #january #video #igvideo #instamood #instagood #motd #selflove #positivevibes

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Stigmas regarding mental illnesses continue to be an issue in our society, with people believing that they are a taboo topic and something to be ashamed of. However, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, around 18.1% of all U.S. adults struggle with some sort of mental illness, and Gheidi brings up a fantastic point in one of her captions when she questions: "Why can't we just talk about it openly?"


A few weeks ago my partner and I attended my Christmas staff party. After dinner I experienced an anxiety attack and we decided to leave. I chose to disappear quietly without drawing much attention to myself. I spent the rest of the night holding on to my partner and crying, mentally battling the anxiety until it went away. The next day I was incredibly worried that my workmates were going to question my quick disappearance. I asked my partner what to say when faced with these questions, and without much thought she said to say that I had a headache. I agreed but quickly questioned my decision. Why did I have to be ashamed and lie about my anxiety attack? So many wonderful and amazing people suffer from the same mental illnesses that I do on a daily basis. Why can't we just talk about it openly? This experience along with many others inspired my "Inside Out Challenge". Mental illness shouldn't have to be hidden away, let's start to talk about it. ❤️ #endthestigma #letstalkaboutit _______________________________________________ PRODUCTS USED: @katvondbeauty "Shade+Light Eye" palette + @morphebrushes 35P palette, @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_canada black liquid liner, @limecrimemakeup "Fetish" velvetine, @hudabeauty "Scarlett" lashes, @kryolanofficial Aqua colours palette _______________________________________________ #kvdlook #katvondbeauty #morphebrushes #morphe35b #nyxcosmetics #kryolan #kryolanprofessionalmakeup #limecrime #limecrimemakeup #makeup #instamakeup #bellletstalk #beauty #instabeauty #mua #makeupartist #makeupaddict #makeupbyme #mentalhealth #anxiety #selflove #positivevibes #insideoutchallenge #mentalillness #instagood #instamood #motd

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Gheidi's message has obviously struck a chord with more than just us, as thousands of followers have responded in support and encouragement in addition to continuing on the challenge, and they're all seriously powerful.


#insideoutchallenge #mentalillness #facethedemons #makeupartist #makeup #depression

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So tonight I was inspired by @lilmoonchildd YouTube video of the #insideoutchallenge , where you use make up to create an outward expression of how you or others feel on the inside.. so for me it's my anxiety. I struggle everyday to keep my anxiety under control, it leaves me mentally and physically drained which is the reason for the over exaggerated, bruised dark circles. My anxiety leads to panic attacks which then causes me to subconsciously scratch at my skin until it bleeds and eventually scars.. I am only one of millions who suffer from anxiety or other forms of mental illnesses/struggle. And a lot of us try to suppress or hide what we go through, but we shouldn't have to, so this is a physical representation of what I personally feel I look like under my 'mask' .. I hope this challenge will catch on and more people decide to show there inner self ❤❤❤

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Struggling with a mental illness doesn't have to be a dark, solitary battle, and it's time for our society to finally set aside the need for a perfect-looking image in favor of unmasking the true reality on these seriously important issues.

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