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Meet The Feminist Baby That's Crushing The Patriarchy And The Internet

We have serious hope for this feminist comic book series.

If you're feeling like all hope is lost in the fight for an equal and progressive society, have no fear, illustrator Loryn Brantz is prepping the next generation early, like still in diapers early. Introducing Feminist Baby: the cradle-sleeping, patriarchy-crushing, not-quite-potty-trained newborn with much-more-than-infant-like wisdom.


✊🏼 pre-order in bio 💖 #comics #illustration #feminism #baby#feministbaby

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Her most recent comic of our newly favorite, truth preaching child was inspired by a tweet from @milliondollatweet and quickly went viral.

A quick (or hour-long) scroll through Brantz's Instagram page will be a definite high point to your day, but if that isn't enough to satisfy the Feminist Baby-sized hole in your heart, you're in luck. The comics are actually a sneak peek of her upcoming book, appropriately titled Feminist Baby, which will be available come April 2017! Although Feminist Baby might be the most unconventional and unexpected of heroes, she could be the one we've been waiting all of 2016 for!


Same. (link in bio) #comics #illustration #childrensbooks #picturebook #feminism#feministbaby

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And if you couldn't tell by now, in addition to being exceptionally woke, Brantz is also hilarious in her ability to illustrate insanely relatable memes. In total disclosure, some of these sound like real life occurrences in our everyday activities.


Idk how anyone keeps cookies in the house for more than one day?? #comics #illustration #cookies

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These two things are not mutually exclusive 👸🏻

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😬 #comics #illustration #animation

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The countdown is on — both to the end of 2016 (so. close.) and the release of Feminist Baby. And tbh, we've got some seriously high hopes for both of them.


Hannah Marsh

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