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'Real Voters of the USA' Is the 'Real Housewives' Spin-Off We Didn't Know We Needed

What could make the drama-filled, restaurant crashing, table-banging Real Housewives moments even more volatile? Political conversation, obviously.


We The Voters released a hilarious spoof of The Real Housewives to explain the importance of overlooking party loyalty and meeting in the middle on voting issues. The video starts by posing the question, "Can we argue politics without scratching each other's eyes out?," which is both a hilarious depiction of reality TV culture and a really sad reflection of the way many people discuss their political differences.

The Real Voters of the USA stars Jessica, Lara, and Vanessa, who are done up in classic Real Housewives hair and makeup, and introduce themselves by striking familiar, catty TV poses and listing their political affiliations. Jessica leans to the right, Lara is on the left, and Vanessa is the "party girl" with friends in both parties. In a wonderfully predictable setting (a nice restaurant, where else?) the women meet to talk politics. After gossiping about who will wear what on election day and who is voting absentee, the spoof takes a turn for the worst when Lara and Jessica get into a scuffle about government spending. The scene is full of dramatic pauses, passive aggressive accusations, horrified bystanders, and—you guessed it—table flipping.

Unlike the scenes in most Real Housewives episodes and real-life political conversations everywhere, the scene ends when Vanessa mediates between the two and encourages them to come to an understanding on what can be learned from one another.

While most political debates with our friends and loved ones are nothing like the venom-filled Housewives fits we see on TV, there is a nugget of truth in the fact that people on different sides of the political aisle rarely take the time to listen to one another's concerns. Hopefully this clip can inspire us all to be a little more civil, or at the very least, to bang on brunch tables with impeccable style.

The above video is part of We the Voters, a groundbreaking social impact campaign designed to inspire and activate millions of young Americans through 20 viral films hosted by actors and influencers. The project incorporates real characters, dynamic story lines and celebrity influencers to demystify how the government and elections work and motivate Americans to seize their power by voting in the 2016 elections. For more information, and to see the rest of the films, visit We the

Hilary Braaksma

Hilary is a Drake University graduate who was born and raised in the Midwest. When she's not working, she enjoys reading, cooking, spending time with her family, and binge-watching true crime shows.

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