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See Why This Ridiculous LinkedIn Message is Going Viral

This woman's response to an unsolicited compliment will make your day.

What's the difference between LinkedIn and Tinder? One of them has a messaging feature where people can send you creepy pick-up lines, and other one... has a messaging feature where people can send you creepy pick-up lines. At least on Tinder, you actually have to approve a "match" before they can message you.

One woman recently shared the unsolicited compliment she received via a LinkedIn message, along with her amazing response.


Abigail McAlpine posted this exchange on LinkedIn, where a man messaged her saying "You are beautiful."

McAlpine responded with a simple, but forward message saying "This is a professional website, please act like a professional."

The original message should have never been sent, but since it was, one could assume the conversation would stop here. McApline's assessment of the message was incredibly on-point. LinkedIn is a networking site used to make professional connections, and one would assume the users would be used to behaving in a professional manner. McAlpine's unwanted pursuer wasn't having, though.

"A simple 'thank you' would have sufficed hunni. Be more nice. This is a nice website for nice people." Hunni? *gag*

But here's where McAlpine really steps up and becomes the hero professional women everywhere didn't know they needed. Her response:

"You're misinformed the LinkedIn mission statement is 'to connect the worlds professionals to make the more productive and successful.' Not... 'use it to message women the same you would on tinder without the need to match them, because it's irrelevant whether they want your attention or not, they should be thankful for your compliments on their looks on a professional website.' I'm not grateful for your comment, I find it entirely unprofessional that you're using this platform to message women, so why would I thank you?"


This definitely has to be one of our favorite responses ever. No woman should have to put up with unsolicited comments about physical appearance in a professional setting (or any setting, tbh). And the insane idea that we should be thankful for these unsolicited comments? Gross. Abigail McAlpine isn't here for that, and neither are we.

In a follow-up LinkedIn post, McAlpine said the message sender "became more threatening later, to the point of me reporting him to the police." Yikes.

Whether it's an unsolicited private message or an in-person encounter, remember that you don't owe anybody your time or attention, and you certainly don't owe any creepers your gratitude.

Hilary Braaksma

Hilary is a Drake University graduate who was born and raised in the Midwest. When she's not working, she enjoys reading, cooking, spending time with her family, and binge-watching true crime shows.

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