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Who The Hell is Jill Stein Anyway?

With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump holding some of the lowest approval ratings in history, this could be the election for a third-party candidate to make a decent showing. Here is everything you need to know about Green Party candidate Jill Stein. See also: Who The Hell is Gary Johnson?

The 2016 presidential election has been characterized by a two-party war between those who hate Donald Trump and those who hate Hillary Clinton. As November 8 grows nearer, more and more citizens are worrying about who to vote for. But Donald and Hillary aren't the only two presidential candidates. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green party candidate Jill Stein are both in the running.

With terrible approval ratings for both the Democratic and Republican candidates, this may be the year for a third party to make a good showing. So we did some research. Here is everything you need to know about Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Affiliation: Green Party

On Drugs: Stein has said, "The whole drug war is completely baseless, foundless, immoral, racist, and it needs to be transformed into a public health agenda, and people who are currently serving time on account of using recreational substances, who have not been involved in violent crime should have their sentences commuted." She supports the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use.

On the Economy: Stein strives toward what she calls a "just economy" that prioritizes people, peace, and planet over profit. She would break up big banks and make sure large corporations are paying their fair share. She believes privatization is the opposite of progress and would move to create democratically run banks and utilities.

On Education: Stein's education policies push back against the growth of charter schools, claiming the school's high stakes testing is bad for both students and teachers. She also wants to abolish the existing mountains of student debt and guarantee education for all citizens from pre-school to university.

On Energy: Stein's plan calls for a 100 percent shift to renewable energy in the next 15 years. She would work toward a national ban on fracking and other destructive energy extractions. Ultimately, she'd also like to phase out of nuclear power and fossil fuel options.

On the Environment: As a member of the Green Party, Stein agrees with science that global warming is both real and caused by the industrialized countries of the world. Now, she hopes to lead the United States in the search for a sustainable path to energy. For Stein, sustainabilty is a priority.

On Foreign Policy: Jill Stein is of the mindset that the United States is dealing with the civil rights issues of other countries before putting our own in working order. She hopes to shift our priorities toward the home front. Other than that, Stein's foreign policy knowledge is limited and her stances are ambiguous.

On Gun Control: Stein is a strong proponent for additional gun control laws including bans on assault weapons, increased background checks, and closing gun show loopholes. She would also work to remove current prohibitions on federal funding of gun violence research.

On Health Care and Abortion: Stein believes that healthcare is a fundamental human right, including reproductive healthcare. She aligns herself with the Pro-Choice movement. While she does not support Obamacare, she does want to create improved universal healthcare that is both more efficient and less expensive. Note: Jill Stein is oddly ambiguous when it comes to vaccines, leading some to believe she supports the Anti-Vaxxer movement.

On Immigration: The Stein campaign is clear on immigration: legal immigration should be made easier and deportation should be stopped. She does not believe a wall or fence is an effective solution to the immigration problem. In regards to Syria, Stein maintains that the United States caused the problem and should "put out the welcome mat" for nearly 100,000 Syrian refugees.

On the Military: Stein believes thart the U.S. should be a member of the global community, not it's police force. She stands against drone strikes and any further violent efforts in the Middle East and hopes to slash the military budget by at least 50 percent. She is against torture and plans to close Guantanamo Detention Camp.

On Labor: If elected president, Stein would increase the minimum wage to $15, mandate paid family and sick leave, and protect workers unions across the country.

On Private Prisons: Jill Stein has said that, if elected, she would abolish private prisons.

On Race: Stein agrees with the Black Lives Matter movement that the criminal justice system and police forces across the country unfairly target Black citizens. She also maintains that the United States is crippled by intrenched racism in both politcal and education systems. She claims her campaign will dismantle such oppressive systems, but doesn't exactly say how.

On LGBTQ Issues: Stein has been in favor of same-sex marriages since her first run for office in 2002 and means to protect their right to goods and services regardless of "religious freedom" claims. This includes the discrimination against transgender citizens.

On Social Security: Stein believes Social Security should continue to be managed by the federal government and that a shift to a privatized system would result in huge losses for retirees.

On Taxes: Rather than subsidizing or providing income tax breaks for big corporations as a means to create more jobs, Stein would like to create them directly by investing in the green sector and public services. She would call for an increase in federal taxes to create what she has called a fair tax system.

Rachel Weeks

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