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Why 100 Naked Women Stood In Formation at the Republican National Convention

This artistic expression is sending an empowering message to women around the world. 

This Sunday, 100 women stood naked at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, holding spherical mirrors up to the sky. Standing at the banks of the Cuyahoga River, these ladies hoped their artistic display would put the power and beauty of women’s bodies in the spotlight. And it's safe to say their mission was accomplished. 

Credit: Spencer Tunick

Spearheaded by artist Spencer Tunick, the project is called #EverythingSheSaysMeansEverything, and it includes women with a diverse range of body types, political affiliations and ethnic backgrounds. The symbolism reflects "the knowledge and wisdom of progressive women and the concept of ‘Mother Nature’ into and onto the convention center," as explained on their website. The goal? To draw attention to what seems to be one of the most controversial subjects in this presidential race: a woman’s body.

Credit: Spencer Tunick

Each woman decided to take part in this project for unique reasons. In a statement, one participant wrote: "As a woman, I want to stand up for my reproductive rights. As a Hispanic, I want to be seen as a member of this community. As a first-generation American, I want to show that anyone deserves the opportunity to come here. As a human being, I want to stand up against Trump and other Republicans whose hateful speech towards women, immigrants, LGBT people, and all 'others' is poisoning this nation." 

Credit: Spencer Tunick

Another woman said: "I am a wife, mother, and medical professional who is passionate about showing women the love and support they are entitled to. In this country I am watching my fellow humans lose hope and self love on a daily basis. It must stop."

Whatever the participants' reasons for signing up, it seems like everyone had fun standing up for causes they held dear to their hearts. Watch them in action below. 

Faith Brar

Faith is an Editorial/Social Media Assistant at Meredith Corporation from Boston. Her work has appeared in Shape, Fitness, Better Homes and Gardens, More and others. When not writing, Faith can be seen pounding a bag of Jalapeno chips, online shopping, out on a run or binge watching murder mysteries on Netflix with her main squeeze.

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