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Women Share Stories About The First Time They Were Catcalled

Many of them were much younger than you'd think.

While grazing through an article about Girl Meets World actress Rowan Blanchard last week, a Huffington Post Women's Editor, Alanna Vagianos came upon something that very disturbing. In the article, the 14-year-old child star confessed to being catcalled by a man much older than her when she was just 12-years-old. Gross right? But the truth is regardless of your age, ethnicity or what you are wearing, if you are a woman, you are susceptible to being catcalled.

The first time I was catcalled, I was 11-years-old. Everyday after school, I walked less than a block away from the bus stop to my house. One day, a man pulled up beside me in his car and rolled down the window and asked how old I was. When I didn't answer, he told me not to be shy and that he was just having "a little fun". I remember my heart starting to race - so fast that it felt like it was gargling in my throat. My ears burned red as I hastened my steps. Half a block to the edge of my doorstep felt like a mile. Over a decade later, I still remember that feeling and have felt it several times ever since.

Vagianos shared a similar experience and so do many other women. She felt that as unpleasant and uncomfortable as a catcalling experience can be, women have a right to share their stories with the world. So, she took to Twitter and asked her followers to tweet their memories about the first time they were catcalled, using the hashtag #FirstTimeIWasCatcalled. 

Hundreds of women felt inspired and began sharing the shocking ages and bizarre circumstances under which they were harassed. One wrote, “I was 14, walking down to get Subway for lunch and someone rolled down their window and asked me ‘how much?’"Another wrote, “I was 13 at the beach with my dad wearing a football T-shirt and shorts and some guy whistled at me as I walked past.” There's a lot more where that came from. Here are several other heart-wrenchingly relatable stories.

Faith Brar

Faith is an Editorial/Social Media Assistant at Meredith Corporation from Boston. Her work has appeared in Shape, Fitness, Better Homes and Gardens, More and others. When not writing, Faith can be seen pounding a bag of Jalapeno chips, online shopping, out on a run or binge watching murder mysteries on Netflix with her main squeeze.

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