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WTF? This Infuriating Georgia Ruling Makes "Upskirting" Legal

The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled that filming up women's skirts is legal if it occurs in a public place. *Gag*

The Georgia Court of Appeals has just defended the legality of upskirting, aka, filming under women's skirts without their consent. The judges stated that due to a loophole that doesn't explicitly define the act as a crime, there is no way to punish the people who engage in the practice.

The ruling is directly related to a 2013 incident when a man named Brandon Lee Gary was caught on tape filming up the skirt of a female customer in the Houston County, GA super market he was employed by. The ruling stated that because what Gary did was in a public place, he could not be convicted of invading the woman's privacy. The security footage from the Publix store he was working at showed that Gary directed the camera up the customer's skirt at least four times.

Because the technology used to take these videos didn't exist when most "Peeping Tom" laws were put into place, the nausea-inducing behavior has become hard to prosecute. A 2014 ruling in Massachusetts also decided upskirting was legal on a technicality in the law stating that secretly photographing partial nudity is illegal. Because a person wearing a skirt in public is not considered partially nude, the act of photographing them cannot be considered illegal.

The Georgia ruling has elicited strong reactions citizens and law makers alike.

"The fact of the matter is even if you are in a public place you certainly have an expectation of privacy underneath your clothes," Georgia Senator Harold Jones (D) told a local CBS affiliate.

In a 6-3 opinion, the Court of Appeals justices recommended that the Georgia General Assembly should take action in amending the laws in order to make upskirting illegal. The next legislative assembly is in early 2017, which means upskirting will remain legal until then.

“So we're going to have six months or so where these creeps can run around doing this stuff,” Georgia Senator Vincent Ford (D) said of the decision.

Even if you're not in Georgia, we recommend looking up the laws in your own state. If legislation has yet to be passed, it might worth investing in a few skorts.

What is your opinion on the ruling?

Hilary Braaksma

Hilary is a Drake University graduate who was born and raised in the Midwest. When she's not working, she enjoys reading, cooking, spending time with her family, and binge-watching true crime shows.

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