Curious Mind and Pure Heart

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Curious Mind and Pure Heart

Dear Son,

I just wanted to write this letter to you to let you know that we love you very much. Because of you, my life changed when I found out I was pregnant and that you would be entering my life. I have never been as proud as I was that moment. Things became reality when I knew that your life was beginning inside of me. From day one, I cherished you. Even though you were born premature and I could not really touch or hold you when I wanted or when you cried for me for hunger because of your early problem and development. But you were always such a little fighter already!

Later on, when you were able to go home, I felt remorseful at some of the things that I did as a mum, due to the fact that your father and I couldn’t remain together when you were so little, less than a year old. But we did all we could to protect and nurture you as a special young boy you were. And this was what you deserved, because since that age you were already a big helper and very sweet. Life is a dance and relationships between men and women are part of it. I guess to make it work both partners have to be doing dance the same rhythm and it has to be one that both want to do. When I met Ata, we became a real family. From the very beginning, he helped me changing your diapers in the nights and just the other day, at your request, was pulling your teeth. You walked for the first time in front of him. He takes you to school, helps you with your homework and takes you to the park to play basketball. He plays with you and takes you to the park when I am working. He accompanies you at rides; taught you how to be such a great swimmer and to ride your bike! You now have both a Mommy and two Daddies who love you so much and a sister who adores you besides many friends. Yes, my little one, Ata and I both are happy and accepting of who you are with your captivating smile. You may have special needs but you are lively, curious and want to explore the world, just like an Inquirer! Sometimes when you are sleeping, we watch you lying there, so peaceful and quiet and feel proud for having you here!

Now, because of your bubbling thoughts in your head, we are devastated for having to test you for ADHD or Asperger’s Syndrome. I am scared but while we had already faced so many challenges since you were born, I believe this will be just another that we will all overcome together as a team. The fact that you need more attention and is ultra sensitive to the world, to people and their pains just shows that you feel constant compassion. You are annoying sometimes, just like any other six-year-old boy, but you are also the same lovable, curious little creature I held into my arms right after birth. You enjoy chatting around and thrives on entertainment, going on about hair and bouncing! You just need to learn the best moment for it. We know you’re still young, but you are very strong, healthy and optimistic. You show much empathy with your internal drive to know and understand things and are motivated by helping others. You are so artistic and make beautiful art pieces and presents to me! You tell me you have so much fun painting, shaping, splashing and creating your own little masterpieces! I love all the creations you make! Words cannot make you fully understand why I prefer the things you make me with your own small hands to anything else because of the thought and effort that went into your creation. I also know that no store can possibly duplicate the effort that went into this gift of love. We also love the way we notice what a great poet you are every time offer compliments to everyone around you! You make me necklaces that I prefer for the glow in my heart outshines any jewel that would adorn my neck! I know you may be a fireball, but you have also a big heart!

You are so handsome and have the most pure eyes! In short, all children are created whole, endowed with intelligence, dignity, and wonder! The essence of a family, children are unusual blessings! You, as unique as you are by simply by being my son and the foundation of our lives. For every boy and girl is allowed to love, daydream and chase a life of function. As guardians of your prosperity, we commit ourselves to contribute to your happiness in any way possible! You have many strengths, areas in which you can excel and areas that you can contribute to society. You are talented and gifted with love, my beloved son. You are here to learn the dance of life and recognize your own rhythm! Everything will be possible for you, if you only dream, dance and enjoy life! You already showed us that miracles do happen!