Dad Is Coming to Visit: ADHD Stress and Storms

by admin

Dad Is Coming to Visit: ADHD Stress and Storms

Clark had a storm last night for the first time in months. He was screaming and trying to attack me and trying to push around heavy furniture. This morning, he was hyperactive and slammed a door on me. The immediate trigger? I said no to a new toy.

Clark has ADHD and wears the Daytrana 20 milligram patch from wakeup time until 4:30 p.m. everyday. Without it, he is hyper and irrational. Sometimes he gets violent.

The real trigger? I think last night’s and this morning’s behavior are related to the fact that his father is coming in a week to visit for several days. Their father plans to drive them to Atlantic City (five hours each way) for a three-day stay. The last time his dad came to visit, Clark came down with strep and his dad left without saying good bye while he was sleeping. Imagine how that felt.

I know the kids need to see their dad—but I would like to reduce (eliminate) storms in this house. I’m talking to his dad about changing the plans because the kids are wrecked from anticipation. Maybe he can come for half the time and cancel the Atlanta City trip.