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Daddy’s Boo Boo

This story takes place on our ranch in Wyoming. 

We were cutting up a beef on a nice brisk December day. My son Paysen, who is four, came in with a concerned look on his face.

“Mom, I need some Band-Aids, Dad cutted his fender!” I said, “Okay, let’s go see what we can find.”

I went and got the first-aid kit, and some waterproof Band-Aids. I said, “You can go put a Band-Aid on Dad’s boo boo, and make it feel all better.”

Paysen gave me a stern look, put his hand on his hip, and said, “He cutted his FENDER, Not his BOO BOO!” 

How dare I say that!?

Did I mention he is our red headed little four-year-old? That we should have named ROOSTER!

Because sometimes, he’s like a Banty Rooster, but he’s just sticking up for Dad’s dignity!

Until next time … back at the ranch!

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