The Day I Put Him Out (A Mother’s Account)

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The Day I Put Him Out (A Mother’s Account)

The Day I Put Him Out
(A Mother’s Account)

The day started off quietly like any other day. I had awaken and prepared for work as normal. The day was fruitful and I had ended my day as normal. I arrived home and went through my usual routine. I checked my emails, facebook page and poetry with passion sites. I laid across my bed for a nap. Later I was awakened by my son wanting to download some movies. As he was looking at the screen he began to mutter “I ought to crash this computer”. I was like “excuse me”. He continued to mutter, this is my game and I put it on it so I can delete it off. I then told him to finish and leave my room. I know when their father was here in the house he didn’t carry on like this.
He finished up and left and I had closed my door. From the other side I could hear him and then he said “you b….”. I was like excuse me, no he didn’t just call me that. I opened the door and asked “ what was that?” He replied, “nothing”, ok I said, I heard you and it’s time for you to go. He left outside the house screaming and cursing about “ I would rather live on the streets than hear your f….mouth”. At that point I was stomped..so I said, “give me my key”. He then threw it at me and proceeded down the street cursing and giving me the finger. New neighbors were moving in and they just froze. I told them “excuse his outburst and just pray for him”. They replied, we understand and continued to unpack. I watched as he continued walking down the street.
About five minutes later he returned and asked if he could get his clothes. I told him do it quickly and leave. He went to throwing the television to the floor, clothes out of all the drawers, and everything to the middle of the floor as he proceeded to call me an “organ donor and a f..b…” when he was told to stop being disrespectful to me he pulled a screw driver and went to swinging it towards us telling us how he was going to cut us apart. At that point I called 911 emergency for help and told them of his actions. The lady stayed on the line with me listening to his outburst as she told me a unit was on the way. I hung up and called a church mother for prayer but there was no answer, so I then called my pastor. I explained to him what was going on and he began to pray. He paused due to the commotion and then started again. We prayed for safety and deliverance over these strongholds.
It felt as though time had stood still as I continued to watch him destroy the room and blurt out all sorts of insults. “I can’t wait till you die, I’m going to piss all over your grave”. The words continue to roll out like thunder. “You’re nothing but a seed donor”, “I’m going to take you to court and tell them how you kept my clothes hostage”. I replied take me, so I can show them how I have been paying restitution for your wrong choices”. His baby brother tried to intervene but the insults turned on him. Now I was having a battle royal between the two of them. I had to grab the brother by his cloths and pull him out before things escalated any further.
By now there was a knock on the door and it was the police officer. I explained to him what was going on and he took a walk down the hall way to see what was happening.
Andre’ told the officer he was just getting his things together to move out. The officer instructed me to let him talk with him and at that point I went up front.
After a few minutes I walked down the hallway and looked in on them and my son was being handcuffed. He was taken to lock up for the night and we were instructed to pack his things and place them outside the house. His brother and friends cleaned up the room and reassured me it will be alright. It ripped my heart in two to see how he had allowed the addictions to take over him and left me with the verbal swearing, yet ringing in my ears to this day. He was let out the next day and my other son and friends had packed his belongings and left them outside the front door. I called from work and was told his belonging had all been picked up.
You know never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought I would encounter a day like this. When I look back on it I could have been a statistic. Had it not been for the grace of God. This is a chapter of my life I had no clue on how to handle. I look back and say, “mama-you didn’t tell me it would be days like this.” I am learning daily tough love hurts the parent as much as the child. But I also realize he will be twenty-two on the twentysecond of this month (June). So as I sit and write this journal I realize I have done all I can do up to this point.

Cutting Deep
(Mary’s Sensation 9×5)

Oh how my heart has been torn apart
From words cutting deep
Piercing words gushing from son’s heart
Making my heart weep

The words thundering from deep within
Disrespecting me
Can’t understand where it all began
This just should not be

Books ripped apart without a thought
Showing he don’t care
Tearing up items that I brought
I ask is that fair

Another lesson put to the test
I must take a stand
Flesh and blood now placed under arrest
In jail he did land

Oh tough love has been put into place
Enough is enough
Consequences he now has to face
With prayers I’ll be tough

©2012 Mary Ann Harring-Duhart
May 25-2012

The Time Has Come

The time has come to let you go
Right now I can’t take no more
Your destiny I just don’t know
The time has come to let you go
It’s best that you stomp your own toe
Your mother’s love you did ignore
The time has come to let you go
I will not take it anymore

© 2012 Mary Ann Harring-Duhart
May 25-2012