A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

by Rosalind

A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

Many husbands do not understand fully what we do. Some even think that we sit all day in a comfortable chair and watch television all day. They don’t realize how stressful our lives are each day from the minute we wake up and all throughout the day. Sometimes I wish we could switch roles, just for one day, so that they can see just all we do.


We make sure their breakfast is done in the morning before they go to work. The kids have to be dressed, and they also have to eat breakfast before they go to school. We take them to school and wish them a great day. When we get home, we have to do laundry, watch, feed, and change the baby mostly the whole day. Make sure laundry is dried and folded.


Then you sweep and mop. Then you dust. Then you clean the bathroom. Then you go to the kitchen and wash dishes, clean the counters and make sure the fridge and stove are clean. Then you make sure the table is clean. Soon you will get hungry but the baby is crying so you must attend to the baby.


Then you realize that it’s time to pick up the kids. You get in the car and realize that you forgot to put gas in the car. You rush and put gas and rush to pick up the kids. Then you get home and see if the kids have homework. You make sure they do it and then check to see if they need any help and to make sure they complete it.


Then you rush to make dinner. While that’s cooking, you set the table. The baby is crying, so you must feed her and then change her. Go make sure the food is cooking well. And make sure you don’t burn the house down. After the dinner is cooked, you realize you forgot to buy a few items like toilet paper. So you get the kids ready and put baby in car seat and head for the supermarket. You buy what is needed and rush home. Make sure dinner is on simmer.


When husband arrives, the food is set so that we can all eat together as a family. Then the question comes, “Honey, how was your day?” You look at your husband with your hair all messy, your clothes all dirty from taking care of the baby and taking care of all the housework. And then he says, “Oh by the way, can you iron a shirt for me and a pair of pants? Thank you dear, I know you would.” I never said yes but that’s what they think anyways. And then we ask them how their day was and they answer, “So exhausting.”


I know that husbands work and pay bills, but all stay at home moms want to be appreciated. That’s all we ask.