A Day in the Life …

by admin

A Day in the Life …

So … less than two years ago, I would wake at 5:30, pour myself a hot cup of coffee and catch up on the news. I would put on a tailored suit, my favorite heels, and grab my briefcase. I would wake my four-year-old and get him ready, but that wasn’t usually too big a deal. He is pretty easy in the morning. After dropping him at Pre-K, I would go to work. My boyfriend and I had just found out we were pregnant and we were overjoyed! I decided it was time to take some time away from my career. It wasn’t really designed for pregnancy (what is?) with its traveling and it could be particularly stressful. I loved that life, but alas, all good things come to an end!

What is the saying … when one door closes, another opens? I ran into being a “stay at home mommy” (I am barely ever actually at home) with the same passion and ambition as I did in my previous career. I thought, hey, I used to work long days before and still come home, prepare dinner, read with and tuck my son in, and even occasionally watch a movie with my honey … this is going to be great! I will be home all the time. I can get so much done! Illusions of greatness or is it delusions of grandeur? Since then, we had a bonus baby, he is just a month old now … my daughter is thirteen months! Yes, I seriously believe God laughed at the look on my face when we figured out we were pregnant. Oh well, we are blessed!

Current count is one vivacious six-year-old (Sugarbutt), one thirteen-month-old who is just hilarious (Doodle), a one-month-old who keeps mommy awake all night (Littlest Dude), Superman who works out of town all week and we only get to see on weekends and little ole me! Nice to meet ya!

Now that you have enough insight into my life to realize my learning curve, let us fast forward. I just caught a little of an Oprah episode the other night that surprised stay-at-home mommies with a break and Oprah sent Nate in to spend a day in the life of. Oprah actually reviewed the list of accomplishments for the day for the moms and I thought, I never feel like I am getting anything done, but I am doing most of that stuff. I decided to keep a list for a day … maybe then I could give myself a much needed pat on the back. I recommend this for everyone. It is better (and way cheaper than therapy). Here was my day today.

A Day in my Life …

Up at 5:30 a.m. (at least fifth time for the little guy) making bottles for both babies.
Laid back down for “fifteen minutes.”
Woke back up five minutes before my six-year-old’s bus picks him up.
Actually got him on the bus.
Started laundry.
Loaded dishwasher.
Put out dinner for tonight.
Called the Cub Scout list to remind them to get groceries for this weekend’s campout.
Went to use in-law’s printer (mine is broken) to get ready for finals (did I mention I am in college full time?).
Flip and fold laundry.
Study while little ones take a morning nap.
Make lunch and feed daughter and self. Bottle for littlest dude.
Call in refills for kids prescriptions.

Get ready to head to town for errands (this includes packing, making bottles, final changes, one more final change, redressing my daughter who thinks it is funny to be naked, changing littlest dude’s diaper again … finally leaving).
Go to bank.
Go to Walmart.
Go to McDonald’s in Walmart because Doodle (my daughter) is screaming (did I mention her nose has begun to run?) and maybe chicken nuggies will help!
Have rude women ask me with a nasty tone, “What are you going to do about that?” Of course, her “that” happens to be my two screaming babies (because of course Littlest Dude is screaming…his sister is and I mean, is there a better reason?).
I respond with, “Leave them with you, go home, and catch up on all the sleep I haven’t got lately.” She left … quickly. Good for her!
Get everything I was supposed to get for the camping trip and the long sleeve shirts for my son (it has been getting chilly out).
Get out of large retail store … quickly!
Go to pharmacy pick up kid’s scripts.
Wonder what I am forgetting.
Go home, just in time to get Sugarbutt (six-year-old) off bus.
Get dinner ready.
Baths for all three kids.
Take two little ones, Doodle and Littlest Dude, to Grandma and Grandpa’s.
Run truck through car wash for $5.00 Super Tuesday.
Take Sugarbutt to Cub Scouts. (I am the den mother!)
Pick up Doodle and Littlest Dude.
Home and bed for all three of my little angels (funny how the word angels goes so well only at bedtime).
Give Doodle something for her nose; the stuffyness and runnyness have gotten worse!
Get a call from Superman.
Have to end the conversation after just a few minutes, Doodle is up and runnning a fever and Littlest Dude just woke up for a bottle!
Call Superman back and tell him goodnight. He asked about my day…I just laughed!

Anyways, I am going to go get a bath (a quick one because someone is sure to wake up and need me)! I encourage everyone to make a list. It made me realize that even when I have had a bad day and think nothing went well or was accomplished … I have succeeded!