The Day My Four-Year-Old Granddaughter “Recognized” My Pantry

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The Day My Four-Year-Old Granddaughter “Recognized” My Pantry

All of our kids would be coming for a week during Thanksgiving and we were so excited! My daughters were going to arrange my pantry while they were here. I had had surgery on my right arm and was limited to what I could do. The first one coming was my daughter from Houston who has two daughters, Bailey, who is seven, and Meghan, who is four. I had been shopping to stock up on staples and extra things for the week on Friday and they were coming on Saturday.

There were several bags of groceries on the bar. I decided I was going to start on the pantry on Friday night. My husband was gone hunting so I had a few hours to spend on the project. I was quite proud of my efforts and as slow as I was, due to my surgery, it took me about four hours. I took everything out and started on the top shelf and worked my way down. We had moved just a few weeks before and the people who helped us moved put things up for me but it was not arranged as I would have done. But I was very thankful for the help.

Saturday evening, my oldest daughter came to await the arrival of her sister and family, and I showed her my nice organized pantry. She said, “I thought you were going to let us do that?” After supper my daughters and I was in my bedroom visiting, then it was bedtime. We got everybody to bed. The next morning my husband and I were the first to awake. Our routine is to get our coffee and have our morning Bible reading and devotions. The youngest granddaughter awoke and came in the kitchen just as I opened the pantry to get the coffee. My mouth flew open as my eyes beheld a very unorganized pantry. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and I was wondering who would have done this and why.

Meghan said, “Grandmommy, do you like how I “RECOGNIZED” your pantry?’ I said, “Oh, yes Meghan, you did a great job”, hoping she did not see the expression on my face when I opened the pantry door. It was time to get ready for church and she came to my room and we were in my closet and she said,” Grandmommy, do you want me to “RECOGNIZE” your closet?” I told her sure but she would have to do it later. After church we were preparing lunch and I had moved some things around in the pantry thinking she would not notice but she did. She was standing at the pantry with her hands on her hips and exclaimed, “Grandmommy, did you “RECOGNIZE’ your pantry again?” as if I had messed up anything she had done. Grandchildren are the sweetest things.