Dealing with a Depressed Teen

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Dealing with a Depressed Teen

Today’s teens usually become depressed when they have deceptions in love. In the past, they would rarely try to commit suicide due to a love deception, while today this is very common. This happens because today’s teens practically get married with their boyfriends or girlfriends. The sex barrier that existed in the past completely disappeared. Therefore, they get too attached to their boyfriend or girlfriend.

However, at a certain point they are betrayed or abandoned. They are still children who are only now learning what it means to be an adult. They don’t know how to face a separation. When they lose the most important person of their lives, they lose the floor under their feet.

There are also teens who become depressed because of emotional trauma caused by their parents, or by someone close to them during their childhood. These cases are the worst ones, and need special attention. Depressed teens who are victims of tragic experiences usually abuse their bodies. They become neurotic, or they suffer from bipolar disorder.

There are more cases. The reasons why a teen could become depressed are many.

If you are the parent of a depressed teen, you must study the content of the human mind. Dream interpretation as a science is the best tool you could have for the comprehension of the human mind. You’ll understand why your son or daughter is suffering from depression only by reading about the content of the human mind.

If you’ll also write down your dreams and translate them according to the scientific method, you’ll have a clearer vision of your child’s psychological problems. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams shows you what is happening with the people you love. Your dreams are sources of valid information that you can trust; the unconscious mind is your protector.

Talk about dream interpretation with your teen. You may convince him/her to relate his dreams to you. Many teens like to discover the different dimensions of dreams, finding relief when they relate their dreams, and they are analyzed. This way you’ll have a better vision of what is really happening to your child.

However, don’t lose hope if you are faced with a negative reaction. The unconscious mind is very generous and will show you how to deal with your depressed teen, even without his/her collaboration.

Write down all your dreams and study my simple method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. You’ll be surprised with all the discoveries you’ll make thanks to your contact with the unconscious wisdom. The unconscious guidance will forever enlighten your way for complete success.