Dear Daddy

by admin

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

In the two years since you’ve been gone, I realize that there were a few things I never told you and, since it’s Father’s Day, I wanted to let you know what they were.

1. Thank you for getting us the camp site in Ohio with one of the better trees. I realize that this was a long time ago but I wanted to say thanks anyway. By the way, thanks as well for taking us on all of those awesome vacation trips when we were kids. I know that they were expensive but you always made sure we had a great time.
2. Remember the commercial about the older couple who wanted life insurance so they wouldn’t be a burden to their kids. You always wanted to be a burden when you got older but you never were. I’m sorry for that. But thanks for always making us laugh when the commercial came on by saying you wanted to be one.
3. Thank you for making me leave my hot dog from Lisa’s bonfire on the tree stump at the end of the lane and for smacking me on the butt for running away to be there. I knew I was disobeying but I did it anyway. Your discipline showed me you loved me (although I didn’t believe it at the time) and helped me realize how important your rules were.
4. Thanks for not yelling at my girls when they planted the bean seeds in your corn patch when they were little. And for letting the beans grow instead of pulling them up even though your corn crop wasn’t quite so good that year. Most of all, thank you for teaching them about gardening and giving them the love of watching things grow.
5. Thank you so much for being there when I lost Connor even though you were busy taking care of Mom. You told me that sometimes bad things happen but that God would take care of my little boy. You knew how to comfort me when no one else could.
6. Thank you for letting me get to know you even better when you came to live with us. I know that you were missing your farm and all of the things that you weren’t able to do anymore because of your health but you made the best of it. The stories you told us about when you were growing up meant the world to me. I loved having you there.
7. Thank you for being my Daddy. You weren’t always patient. You weren’t always loving. But I knew that you loved me and wanted the best for me. I knew that you would do anything for me.

I miss you, Daddy, but I know that you are in a better place now. You have no more pain, no more suffering. I will see you again some day, but until then, I will miss you. Happy Father's Day.

I love you,