Dictionary of Me

by admin

Dictionary of Me

If you look up the word blog in the dictionary this is what you will find……
blog   [blawg, blog] Show IPA noun, verb, blogged,blog·ging.
a Web site containing the writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.

I think that it should read…..
blog   [blawg, blog] Show IPA noun, verb, blogged,blog·ging.
noun/ adj-naked
1. Web site containing experiences, observations, opinions about the writer or and their family. These writings may also contain feelings, and emotions. If you are thinking about starting one please brace yourself for unwanted judgment and people that think that they know what is going on in your head but don't.

As a woman… Okay back up as a person with emotions, and opinions your outlook on life can change daily. God puts us threw a rat maze so that we can have a testimony that was shaped by all of the blocked paths, redos, and roundabouts. That being said my life is having a Topsy turvie. I never thought that having 4 kids instead of 3 would be so much more difficult but it has been. I like a schedule…. my kids like a schedule and when you bring home a new baby the first God knows how long is crazy, emotional, very trying and lacks a schedule. If you add in a new/old job, and two 9wk classes before you even go to your post postpartum check up things start to get hairy. Dead lines still need to be met and you haven't even started the tasks yet.
Yes I am sure that you are asking what was I thinking? The other night I was thinking the same thing. It was one of those days where I just didnt feel like going anywhere or talking to anyone. I am VERY sure that I am not the only mother or person in the world that has ever felt that way. Every time that you stay in the shower even a minute longer after you are clean, that's a tiny look into my last melt down. Pull into the drive way and dont get right out the car, or how about sitting in the bathroom and your not even going potty, that would be yet another. I do not get those tiny moments most days, some one always needs me or at least I feel that they do so I just keep swimming, swimming, swimming lol. So my moments come all at once late at night when I have reach my tipping point. Nope this isnt healthy and seems to make people think that im slightly crazy but I am who I am… You can love it or lum it. I am to the point that I dont really care about fitting in or being that perfect person anymore. Whether I am inside or outside of these walls of my home I know who I am, what I am capable of,when I need help, and when I have had enough better than anyone. Okay maybe God and my husband are in on this secret too. Are there things that I need to work on yes and between now and when I die I pray that I achieve it. Take alittle time to get to know me maybe read all my blogs and not just the crazy ones then you too can join the lucky few.
But for now I am living in Gods grace and that is all I need.