Did I Just Say That? Ridiculous Stuff We Say to Our Kids

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Did I Just Say That? Ridiculous Stuff We Say to Our Kids

Every parent has had those moments. You say something to your kid (usually in response to something weird they’re doing) and immediately you can’t believe that just came out of your mouth. Having kids can make you say the strangest stuff, right?

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Here’s my list of things that yes, I have actually said out loud to my daughter and didn’t even think twice about it:

“Let’s take your toast out of your purse.”
“Actually, that’s not shampoo, its applesauce.”
“Mommy doesn’t feel like wearing one of your diapers today.”
“No, you may not take that little boy home as a pet.”
“Do you want to hold my beeper on the potty?”
“Mommy doesn’t need a binky in her mouth right now.”  (Or ever.)
“That is not a hat. It is a bowl full of cereal.”
“I’d be happy to read you this book once you take all the Legos out of the tub.”
“Carrots want to go to the party in my tummy?!  YAYYY!!!”
“I don’t think Pooh Bear wants to go for a swim in the toilet.”
“Please take that Play Doh out of your pants.”
“Mommy’s belly is not for standing on.”
“Peas go in your mouth, not in your ears.”
“Maybe we could run around naked another time.”
“Of course Mommy has a bellybutton too, but maybe we could look at it when we get home.”
“You can watch TV if you let me clip your toenails while you watch it.”
And my personal favorite, said just this morning …
“I can pick my own nose, thank you.”

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So, let’s hear them: what are some things you’ve said to your kids that you never thought you’d hear yourself say?

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