Did You Massage Your Baby Today?

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Did You Massage Your Baby Today?

Baby massage is a growing trend. Many adults feel that after a stressful day there is nothing like having a massage to relax and unwind. Babies benefit in a similar way. Though babies don’t have the same stresses as adults, they can still a enjoy a massage.

Baby massage is nothing new. It has been used for centuries in different cultures around the world. Both baby and the person giving it benefit through touch. It gives the baby reassurance in a natural gentle way. It can help soothe them when they are keyed up. It can also be a bonding experience between baby and mother, but it also can be for the baby and any care giver, such as father, grandparent, or childcare provider. It is important the baby bond with those who care for him.

There are certain techniques to be learned to be able to massage a baby. Babies are more fragile than adults and cannot be treated in the same manner. Learning to massage your baby in a beneficial way will help them relax, give them relief from things such as colic and indigestion, it can stimulate them, and provide interaction between you.

There are many ways to learn the different techniques to baby massage. An article such as this cannot give all the intricate details. There are certified classes available now in many areas. The number is growing all the time. If no class is available in your area, consider purchasing a video from a reputable certified clinic. Whichever you choose remember this is for a bonding experience between you and the baby. What works for one set of parents and baby may not work the same for you and your baby. Try different techniques and methods till you find the right techniques for you.

There are extra benefits to baby massage that have not been mentioned. Babies love routines. Working massage into their routine is a great one. They will come to know it is massage time and grow to enjoy it even more.

There are oils made just for baby. These can use ingredients that will help calm and soothe baby. Massage oils are made with base oils that have properties to help babies’ skin as well as essential oils meant to soothe. Two very popular essential oils for babies are chamomile and lavender. These two help calm nerves. Chamomile is known to soothe the digestive system as well.

Use natural and organic massage oils to ensure your baby gets no harmful additives or chemicals. These ingredients can be absorbed through the baby’s skin and can be harmful. Use oil which is hypoallergenic and has been tested for sensitivity.

The most important advice for baby massage is to relax and enjoy the bonding experience with your child. Remember you are doing this to provide a touching experience with them. It benefits not only baby, but you as well.