Distance Learning: What You Need to Know

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Distance Learning: What You Need to Know

Beware of DreamBusters, you’ve set your sights on a wonderful goal. Unfortunately, a lot of time will pass between this first step and the day your diploma arrives in the mail. Right now, you like a novelist with a great idea for a bestseller. You can visualize the first scene and knows exactly how you will end the story (with the reader in tears after finishing your genuine “Five-hankie” novel).

You even see yourself on Oprah, talking about your book and the six-figure advance you received from publisher and about the soon-to-open movie starring Meryl Strep in the heroine’s role. Suddenly, the would-be-author realness there are 300 blank pages to fill between the first paragraph and the end. Panic sets in. Is Oprah just a fantasy, or can the writer really fill her book with publishable page-turning prosser? It will take months of discipline and painstaking effort to complete that book. You are now standing on page one of the book of your life.

Many courses and hours of study lie between you and your degree. Perhaps you’ve already begun to doubt your ability to succeed. Doubt is the first dream master standing in your path your first task is to stay doubt. Several times a day say to yourself, : I can do this. I will complete this program and get my degree!” that “Will do” attitude is your secret weapon. It makes you an unbeatable winner. A positive, determined attitude is the essential first ingredient of success. Confidence will help you face all the obstacles you’ll meet along the way. Let’s list some of those possible roadblocks.

1. Don’t think you can read
2. What you learned you forgot
3. Hard time preparing
4. Find somewhere to study
5. You don’t have money to finish school

Don’t let little thing’s stop you from getting what you need and want in life because if you don’t get it now will you ever get your high school diploma? We need to teach our children how important school really means to us and make them feel if you don’t have yours. Distance learning can be fun… You don’t have to worry about a classroom, you will be more like teaching yourself but, If you need help! it is their for you. The best time is too study when no, one is around you where you’ll have peace and quiet.