Divide and Dismember – It Must Be December!

by admin

Divide and Dismember – It Must Be December!

I felt the holiday spirit this morning. The sun was just a suggestion on the horizon. The kids were nestled in their rooms, with visions of vacation dancing in their heads. My husband was dashing through the house looking for his wallet, well on his way to missing a flight from Logan to SFO, while I peppered him with questions about our family weekend plans. 

Soon the dog was barking and coffee was spilling across the counter. The wallet was found on a faux fur throw (it was a gift) in the nick of time. The brown leather billfold was completely camouflaged against the artificial chinchilla. It was trickier than a page in the I Spy puzzle book, holiday edition. With the flick of a wrist, I screwed my husband’s head back on his shoulders, gave him a terse goodbye, and turned to the kids, who were groaning about waking too early. As the sun progressed upward, my stomach started knotting, knowing that it was an early release day from school and I had no food in the fridge for lunch and four kids coming here for just that in a few short hours. And between me and Stop & Shop stood a million and one errands and emails to do before I headed to a meeting with my fellow room parents to coordinate a classroom party. And then it’s time to return to homework, housework, and holiday prep.

Ah, December! Second only to September in its ability to bring out berserk behavior in otherwise sane adults. Relationships strain and one must guard against the impulse to divide and dismember rather than divide and conquer. Luckily, I discovered an online resource dedicated to helping busy parents manage their family’s busy lives and volunteer activities. It has tools to manage groups and forums to give and get advice on parenting. So when it comes to recruiting volunteers, coordinating food for celebrations, and gathering donations for teacher and other group gifts, I turn to School Pulse. If only I could find tips to manage my marriage on there, too!