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Divine Inspiration or Intervention

The decision has been made by all. As a family, we have decided to have another baby. Wow! Did we make the right decision? Of course we did, right? Well, the economy is bad … but we refuse to join the recession. I am taking a magical natural whole food concentrate as a supplement, so my baby and I will have all the nutrition we need, even when I can only stomach Saltines and orange juice. I’m prepared.

I’m thirty-five and my father has a twin sister—what if we do have twins? We would need a mini-van; we can’t fit a family of six in my car, but who can get a new car loan these days? Can we? We live in a three-bedroom house, so how long will our children be willing to share with a baby before we need to buy a bigger house? Will Fin like the new baby?

Who cares! We’re gonna make a baby … What about pre-natal care and the delivery? For my son, I used a midwife and had a water-birth (that was an amazing experience), but she left midwifery two years ago to work as a hospital administrator. I don’t want to have my baby while strapped to a table with monitors and an IV, unable to move because every movement means that a nurse has to re-adjust the monitors. That was my experience with the birth of my daughter. I love her, but I don’t want a repeat of that experience. Now I have to find someone else to do this with me because my GYN will only deliver the traditional way.

Well, this is one of those instances where I know the decision to have this baby has been divinely sanctioned. Three days after my husband and I decided to start trying to have another baby, my midwife’s new OB/GYN office calls me to tell me that she is back in the game! She’s mine, mine, all mine. I love her and her new office. They even accept our insurance.

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