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Divorced families

It seems like more and more children in America are from families that are divorced. That means broken families.
The children grow up having almost 2 sets of everything. For one is rules! Rules at the mom's house and rules at the dad's house. Divorced parents need to realize that it's not the children's fault that they are the way they are but actually it's the adults fault. It hurts me to see the transition that the children has to go through when they go to one house to the other. For example at the dad's house maybe they have a bed time but when they go to the mom's house there is no bed time. It can be vise versa but that is just one simple example. Imagine all the other examples on the list if a list has to be made up. The divorced are split up for a reason, no matter what the situation was or is.When children are involved we need to remember that the ex's needs to work together to make both places in unity as possible. It's bad enough that their parents are divorced but then they have to deal with 2 different house hold. Please remember the children; they have a voice too!

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