Do Moms Have to Do It All to Have it All?

by admin

Do Moms Have to Do It All to Have it All?

How many times do you get your fingernails or toes nails cleaned, trimmed, and painted pretty pink? Not enough I bet. How many times a week do you go to the store, do laundry, or drive to a job? I’m sure you have a clear answer for that question.

How did we moms fall into the trap of never-ending errands? If you dare tell me it comes with the territory, I will scream—loudly. I have a hard time believing that it’s good practice to encourage or expect moms to do-it-all. Yes, I believe a mom can “have it all” but not necessarily by doing it all.

What does having it all really mean? When I think of mom who has it all, I envision a relaxed woman smiling, taking time for herself, while still bringing in a little cash flow to help the family finances. She may also have some time to go for walk/run or to yoga but still have time to attend her daughter’s soccer game. She takes care of the family but also makes and demands time to read her romance novel.

Who said that once we become a mom that we shouldn’t indulge in mommy confidence building moments? Moms need confidence and balance to be a good parent and wife. A burnt out mommy is NOT a good thing. Moms need help more than kids do. How can a mom care-take her family if she is not taking care of herself? I’m a real nice mom when I’m not running the rat race. If I get sucked in to over-scheduling or try to handle too much at once I begin to feel the mean mommy come out. Who wants a mean mommy?

Taking time for your self is essential for good mothering. No one really ever plans on being a martyr-mom. We all know that in the end that this type of mom will eventually burn out and her children may witness her unravel. Taking time off from chores, work and family can be very mommy enhancing. A happy woman makes a happy mom.