Do You Exploit Your Kids When You Blog About Them?

by admin

Do You Exploit Your Kids When You Blog About Them?

Let’s face it: many of us starting blogging as a way of keeping digital scrapbooks of our kids. You’ve shared your URL with family and friends, especially if they live long distance. You’ve imagined your baby growing up someday and reading your blog. 

Dr. Leah, aka The Sanity Fairy has been very frank in her disapproval when it comes to blogging about older kids.

Dr. Leah has warned bloggers like me: “Before you know it, your child is going to be old enough to put her foot down.”

And she’s right.

Let’s be honest: mom blogging is NOT the same as reality TV with real life moms, such as Wife Swap or new single mom Kate (plus her Eight!)

But still.  

If you blog, do you ever feel like you’re taking your kids’ stories and claiming them as your own? 

If you read blogs, do you think there’s a time when bloggers need to just stop writing about their kids? Is it when a child is old enough to read? Or, when he/she starts school? 

I bet you have a lot to say on this one. Thanks. 

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