Do You Tell Your Kids the Truth?

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Do You Tell Your Kids the Truth?

Whenever we hear about a parent who’s doing it all solo—without an ex in the picture—we get it. Both of our exes split town, and we’ve raised our kids alone since they were in diapers. Are you one of these parents, too?

So, when we recently read Formerly April Dawn’s poignant post at L.A. Moms about her ex landing in jail, we empathized. The first time her ex landed in jail, she writes, it was days before her daughters’ birthdays (they’re six days apart, and they were turning seven and four).

She wondered: Would she lie to her girls, or tell them the truth?

“After mulling it over, talking to friends, family and my own therapist (and wishing that someone had written a parenting book on the subject!),” she writes, “I opted for the truth.”

We’ve all had to face some hard truths in our lives, but when it comes to our kids, this can be so painful, can’t it? We’ve heard what you told your kids you were getting divorced. You’ve also told us how what you explained to your kids when the “other parent” broke promises.

April has chosen to be completely honest with her girls. This has us wondering:

How have you handled telling (or not) your kids painful truth about the “other parent”?

Have you opted for “truth” or have you felt that “truth” was too much for your kids to hear?

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