Do You Worry About Your Fatherless Son?

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Do You Worry About Your Fatherless Son?

I was recently chatting with a single mom who—like me—is raising her child alone. What she worries most about is the fact that her son is growing up without a father.

When her son was just three years old, she taught him how to play baseball. By the time he was four years old, he was so obsessed with baseball that they played at least one game every day—just the two of them.

Her son was so good at throwing and catching that people would stop her in the park to ask his age and comment on his athletic prowess.

So, she went on to teach him the rules of baseball, football, and basketball. But as he got older, playing sports with her son got more challenging.

For one thing, at age seven, he’s now so strong! Recently, he hit her so hard with a semi-soft baseball—by accident—that her side was bruised for a week.

And he’s only getting better! Most recently, as she and her son watched another dad and his son play basketball, he told her that he wished he could play with that boy’s dad on the court.

This has inspired her to do more, such as:

  • Sign him up for more organized sports.
  • Plan more play dates.
  • Find another single mom who has an athletically inclined boy so they can play together.

I agree that these are all great ideas … for all kids.

So, that leaves me wondering:

What do single moms raising “fatherless” sons need to add to their parenting “to do” list that’s different from other moms?

Maybe nothing …?

Originally published on Single Mom Seeking