Does This New Study Scare You?

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Does This New Study Scare You?

A new study says teens whose mothers were depressed during pregnancy are at an increased risk for anti-social behavior. Is this true?!

A new study suggests that a mother’s history of depression during pregnancy may predict her children’s anti-social behavior.

British researchers found that women who had a history of “aggressive and disruptive” behavior in their teen years are more likely to become depressed during pregnancy.

“The study included 120 inner-city youth and their mothers. The children’s mothers were interviewed while they were pregnant, after they gave birth, and when their children were four, eleven, and sixteen years old. Mothers who were depressed during pregnancy were four times more likely than normal to have boys and girls who were violent at age sixteen.”

Click HERE to find out what Marriage and Family Therapist, Carin Goldstein of ParentsAsk.com has to say about this study!

And tell us, were you depressed during YOUR pregnancy? If so, have you noticed any anti-social behaviors or tendencies in your children? Share your thoughts here!

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