Don’t Give Up on Getting Pregnant

by Ellen

Don’t Give Up on Getting Pregnant

My name is Linda Colleran. My husband and I could not conceive a baby.


It was going on the seventh year, and no baby. He had a very low sperm count and I had blockage. I went the route of holistic health. My husband did take medicine to boost his sperm. Every time I knew ovulation was coming I would eat only veggies, organic, protein no hormones, almond butter, unsweetened soymilk, and almonds. No dairy, no yeast, and no sugar. This diet cleans out our tubes naturally. I also tried fasting. A couple of years ago, I grew closer then ever to our creator. My path is Christian.


I started challenging myself every day with the word and doing the works. My old self died and a new creature came out. I gave up all my flesh, old self worth I had found from the world. (Vanity, control, and gossip.) I stayed on this path. This year my husband and I are moving into our dream house. I told him this room would be the baby’s room. Kevin said honey we have to come to terms. Were going on eight years and we are not able to conceive. So we did not save that room and we renovated the room into a larger room for our bedroom. I met a woman named Debbie, her boyfriend was working on my house. Debbie had an unwanted pregnancy. She got herself into a mess. She was married and cheated and now with a child, not positive who the father is. I took her to a Christian life center, and got her counseling, they gave her a free sonogram, as I looked at this child on the screen, I said god, I am not offended you gave her this child , and I became close friends with Debbie. She kept her baby. The next week I was late on my period. A week. I really did not think much of it. I bought a pregnancy test for the fun of it. I am six weeks pregnant today. My husband and I are so thankful. I had the diet for fertility but not the walk. The growth toward the light, and the holistic diet got me pregnant. Don’t give up. Blessed abundantly, Linda Colleran