Don’t Scratch That Itch

by admin

Don’t Scratch That Itch

I think I have already mentioned that the morning routine is a bit hectic. No one wants to get up. Somebody doesn’t like the clothing selection. Everybody is tired. And today somebody was “itchy.”

I found my youngest son in his room kind of wiggling against his bed. I asked him what was wrong. “My butt itches,” he told me.

“Okay, hold on,” I say as I head to the bathroom for a washcloth. Got it. “Here honey,” I call out to him. He doesn’t meet me in the bathroom, so I head back to his room.

Tell me this is not happening. He is sitting on the floor scooting himself forward as he drags his butt across the carpet! If you have a dog, you have witnessed the four-legged version of this.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I mean when you got an itch … on the other hand I know that this cannot have a happy ending. Either he will have carpet fuzz in his butt or … suddenly he goes from a crouched position to back on his feet. Yep. We should have gone with the muted shag carpet!