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A Dozen Reasons Why I Am Thankful for Being a Mom

Thanksgiving is over. But there are things that make us thankful everyday. Here are mine:

A Dozen Reasons Why I Am Thankful for Being a Mom

I am thankful for being a mom of the sweetest little thing I ever had: my daughter.

… for kissing my flaws thinking that I am perfect;
… for needing my arms as she lays to sleep;
… for laughing while she’s crying as I transform into a tickle monster or make some silly jokes;
… for being happy with little things we share;
… for testing the level of my sanity when her endless tantrum begins;
… for reminding me that the daily routines we do together are actually different, and each day I learn from it;
… for training my resistance to patience;
…for teaching me not to be embarrassed when she does something awful in the middle of the crowd because I am a mom and willing to do the right way in the midst of it all;
… for asking me to hug her, which actually means carry her even if she is almost half my weight – because this made me realize as a sweet alternative to dumbbell exercise;
… for helping me dig through my creativity;
… for helping me define unconditional love;
… for totally transforming my life and my heart’s desires that helped me understand why my mother cried on my wedding day (I’ll tell you why someday).

And I won’t forget my husband. I thank you for everything!  

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