Dr. Z: Gyno Extraordinaire

by admin

Dr. Z: Gyno Extraordinaire

Recently I had my first gyno visit. Actually, I joined my wife on her first visit after finding out she was knocked-up with my love seed. I wouldn’t say I was thrilled to join her on this visit but I was told that perhaps they might perform an ultrasound and I was more than curious to actually see how the whole thing worked.

While we are waiting for our appointment to begin, I started looking around the room for some common ground with the other patients. Again, this was my first visit, a newbie to be exact, and I had no idea what to expect. First off, I was the only male in the room. I wanted to grab my wife and start yelling, “Why am I here? Why are there no other dudes here?” but I kept cool by fidgeting in my chair like an addict waiting for his next fix.

Second thing I noticed was that there were no guy magazines in this place. They must have spent a fortune on magazine subscriptions and they couldn’t afford a single copy of Sport Illustrated, US News, Time Magazine. Every magazine had a baby on its cover. What am I suppose to do with that? I would have been happy with Britney and her kids on the cover of People at this point. So I pulled out my phone and started playing games that came pre-installed. Once I started getting comfortable with my new surroundings I hear my wife’s name called. Come on lady, I winning here and now you want me to stop.

We follow the office assistant back to what looks like an examine room but in all actuality it’s another waiting room. Again, no guy magazines and my wife looks at me like we should be “connecting” as I fidget in my chair. About ten minutes go by and we are finally escorted again to what now seems to be the docs real office. Again we wait. Tick-tock-tick-tock.

As you can tell by now we did a lot of waiting and I did more than my share of fidgeting but finally the doc has graced us with his appearance. To keep it short I’ll call him Dr. Z. From what I can tell Dr. Z has done my wife’s entire family. There are five girls in her family and it seems that they all have gone to the stirrups with him. It almost seems like a family reunion. How’s sister so-so and how about sister you-know-who? Me, I’m looking over Dr. Z’s shoulder at his iMac wondering what operating system he is running. After the small talk ends, Dr. Z announces that it is time to begin the examination.

Examination? I thought we/I was only here to see how an ultrasound was done and now my wife is going to be poked and prodded like cattle. Why do I have to be here is screaming at full volume in my head.

In the examine room my wife is given a washcloth to change in to. Nothing is left to the imagination with this thing. Dr. Z casually instructs my wife to spread eagle and ease her body back as he awaits her arrival with milky white latex gloves on. Perv! Unfamiliar with proper etiquette while the doc fingers the ole lady I nervously look away and start contemplating actually picking up the baby magazine lying on a nearby counter. Fortunately I’m saved as one of his nurses enters with some contraption that I immediately believe to be the ultrasound machine. COOL! I’m instructed that I’m going to have to move position to make room for the machine on wheels.

Once everything is plugged in and at full charge Dr. Z grabs what appears to be a metal wan that looks very similar to what Harry Potter might carry to cast magical spells. What is he going to do with that? Oh no he didn’t, oh yup he did. It disappears into you know where. Now call me stupid but I thought ultrasound where done when they rub some kind of gel on the woman’s stomach and move a computer like mouse over it. But this is easily forgotten when black/white images start appearing on the monitor. Basically they are taking pictures of our baby through my wife’s V. Of course I’m looking for a penis throughout the whole process but I’m informed promptly that this won’t appear until the twentieth week. Wait a second, I have to come back?