Dreams About Your Children

by Christina Sponias

Dreams About Your Children

When you see your children in your dreams, they represent the moral image you present to the world.


Depending on what they are doing in the dream, you are showing something to the world. For example, if you see your son or daughter playing the piano, this is a good sign: it means that your moral image is showing your superiority to the world.


The piano as a musical instrument is something that brings joy. On the other hand, it is used as a basic instrument in orchestras, and it is related to classical music, which is superior music, due to its perfect combinations.


Therefore the unconscious message in your dream should make you happy: you are really showing to the world that you are a responsible person and your work is helping many people, since your moral image plays the piano triumphantly.


On the other hand, if you see your already-grown child behaving like a baby in a dream, this means that the moral image you present to the world is too immature and not correspondent to your age. You have to evolve and develop your intelligence, transforming your personality, so that you may become a mature and intelligent adult.


You can have objective information about your children in your dreams after following dream therapy for a certain period of time that varies from two to eight months, depending on your case, so that you may start having dreams that give you directly objective information about other people.


In the beginning of your occupation with the meaning of your dreams all the people that appear in them are parts of your own personality, including your children. The only exception to this rule is the person you love. Whenever you see dreams about your partner, the information you get will be related to them, and not to your own personality.


You can see dreams giving you direct information about your children and other people, the same way they give you direct information about your partner, after transforming your personality.


This is indispensable, because before being able to know what is happening with other people you have to be able to forgive their mistakes, which means that you have to be balanced and sensitive, so that comprehension and forgiveness may be part of your reactions when you judge them.


Your dreams will give you information about your children from the beginning of your occupation with your dreams in a symbolic form, related to your psychical reality. You may see a dream in which a voice tells you that you forgot something important, if you are not paying attention to what is happening with one of your children. You’ll have to look for exactly what you are forgetting, until you are able to discover the truth. The unconscious mind will help you in your research, and show you how to correct your mistakes, so that you may have a good relationship with your child.


Your dreams are a font of knowledge and real wisdom, which will constantly open your eyes, and help you solve all your problems. This is a truth that you’ll be able to verify in practice when you learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method: the only one that deciphers the unconscious’ intention and exactly translates, into words that you can understand, the images it uses in order to give you precious information in a symbolic form.