The Dress

by admin

The Dress

It was a gorgeous dress! It was black and white zebra print with a black mesh overlay. There were hints of silver glitter throughout the mesh…just enough to make it sparkle in the sunlight. The straps were made of pink satin, adorned with rhinestone clips. It also had a pink satin ribbon around the waist that tied in the back. It was every little girl’s dream dress.

Every little girl that is, except for mine. She hates everything girly. She hates pink, purple, glitter and anything that sparkles. But, she especially hates dresses! In fact, she cries at even the thought of having to wear one.
But we had family pictures coming up, followed by Easter. So, I bravely bought the “perfect dress” and took it home to hang in her closet. I hoped and prayed that she would tolerate it, long enough to get through the photography setting and an Easter church service.

“What do you think,” I asked my husband.

“I think she’ll hate it,” he replied.

Then, came the day she had to wear it.

I forced her to put it on.

She did.

Then she cried, pouted and slung herself onto the bed.

“I look weediculous (ridiculous),” she cried.

I tried to convince her it looked great. I screamed. I threatened.

Then, I did what every great mother before me has done…. I bribed her.

She calmed down enough to quit crying. But she still sat on the edge of the bed, looking miserable. She was so distraught that my husband took pity on her and talked me into to letting her wear pants. I gave up. She changed. The dress went back in the closet.

Two weeks later, I sold the dress on Ebay, hopefully to some little girl that will enjoy wearing it. In the front hallway of our home is a huge family portrait. The smiling little girl front and center of the picture is not wearing a dress. Instead, she is wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. She did however, humor me enough to wear the black sandals that I bought to match the dress.

As I write this, she is in the front yard playing on a skateboard. I am wearing high heels and makeup. She is wearing blue jeans and a John Deere Tractor shirt. Tonight, I’ll gossip with girlfriends about the latest fashions. She’ll hang out with boys and talk football. She may even shoot a zombie or two with them.

She doesn’t care about hairstyles or makeup. She’s not into Barbie dolls. She quit ballet to play flag football.

She is headstrong and stubborn. She doesn’t care what anybody else thinks about her. She does not give into peer pressure. She is not one to do something just because “everybody else is doing it.”

I don’t understand her and she is convinced that I am the “uncoolest” person she knows. We are worlds apart, different in so many ways.

But one thing still remains the same. I love her and I am very proud of the person that she is becoming.