Drinking During Pregnancy: Did You?

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Drinking During Pregnancy: Did You?

Did you drink during your pregnancy? Check out this video to see what these doctors think of your choices!

Navigating through the unknowns of pregnancy can be especially challenging for new mothers. For ten months, mothers are faced with making decisions on every level—from choosing a name, to choosing a doctor, to deciding what foods feel best in your body—pregnant mothers can find themselves having questions and concerns.

One concern and question that comes up very often for pregnant women is the topic of alcohol: Is drinking during pregnancy okay? This much debated and highly controversial topic resonates differently amongst different doctors and certain cultures. In Europe, drinking during pregnancy is not frowned upon nor discouraged. But in the U.S., many patients find themselves abstaining and terrified by the notion of alcohol intake, and the detrimental affects it may have on their unborn child.

Check out what Parents Ask Experts had to say about this topic by clicking HERE … and then tell us: Do you think it’s okay to drink during pregnancy? Did YOU?

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