Dying to Give Life

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Dying to Give Life

Almost every woman’s joy in life is to have a child and because the continuity of humanity is necessary, the right to life is a renowned human right as well as the right to maternal health. Yet a good number of women have to undertake childbirth as risky affair one indulges in.

In developing countries, the thought of reproduction is very disturbing. In Uganda for instance the rate of fertility is high but is juxtaposed by the high rate of both mother and child mortality. There is a fallacy that people might have to reproduce enough to cover for the numbers lost to maternal and child mortality.

The thought of sixteen women registered dying everyday in child delivery, and this is only for those recorded at health centers, causes a shiver. Motherhood is then a bigger sacrifice than envisaged, a burden that affects the mother to be, unborn child, existing children about to become orphans and mostly a helpless husband dreading the thought of becoming a single father.

With limited health facilities, physical support, long distances to cover for antenatal care and the qualm of lack of sufficient tools to make the delivery perfect. A woman, especially that one in a third world country, knows all too well that getting pregnant is a big life threatening risk and yet it is a required desire. And so daily there is a woman ready to die giving life to a child. Something the world does not fully appreciate or there would be signs by now that in 2015, the millennium development goal five on maternal health, would have been realized globally.