EASY Weight Loss Tip During Pregnancy

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EASY Weight Loss Tip During Pregnancy

Do you suffer from one of the most common physical complaints of pregnancy – SLEEPLESSNESS?
If you answered No, consider yourself lucky and appreciate all those hours of good wholesome sleep you're getting!

If you answered Yes – then welcome to the club!

As a fellow pregnant insomniac, I'd love to be able to assure you that once your baby is born you'll be able to enjoy that good night's sleep that you've been craving – well, uh-uh sorry! Unfortunately (and I don't believe this will be a shock) the sleepless nights don't stop when you give birth.

So it’s important to get into the good routines now. Exercise, for example, is excellent for sleep problems. Just make sure to keep it moderate and safe for baby. Remember, you must modify your regular exercise routine once you’re pregnancy because certain things like lifting over your head, lying on your back, or start-stop exercises like squash may cause undue harm.

Did you know that a good night's sleep is also a key ingredient for keeping off those unnecessary extra pounds?
Yes, believe it! Research has shown that sleep deprivation can lead to an increased appetite, which in turn leads to an increase in food consumption and unnecessary weight gain.

And not only do you end up eating more, but you also end up reaching for quick, easy and non-nutritious food!
Sleepless nights also leave you with less energy making exercise almost impossible – so it's a double whammy!

Some TIPS to help you sleep better…

1. Taking a luke warm bath before you go to bed;

2. Keeping a journal of your thoughts (this will clear your mind!);

3. Listening to relaxing music; and

4. When you feel your insomnia coming on, move to a different location (the couch worked wonders for me!).
Do not…

1. Eat before you go to bed (unless it helps with your morning sickness);

2. Watch the news or read the paper before you go to bed; or

3. Deal with upsetting matters before you go to bed!

They don't call it Beauty Rest for nothing!
A good night's sleep will help you stay emotionally healthy – something that is crucial during your pregnancy. And of course, sleep helps you rejuvenate and repair from your hard day's work. Healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every night to function well, pregnant woman may need more – so do your best to get your quota!