Eight Signs It’s the (Un) Official Start of Summer

by admin

Eight Signs It’s the (Un) Official Start of Summer

1. Your mini-van’s runners squeak under the weight of sand, lollipop sticks, broken crayons, and hopeful optimism that this summer, you won’t run out of swim diapers by noon. 

2. Somebody’s sandals have once again been abandoned on a beach, by a pool, or under the sprinkler, which was left on for hours—in the rain. 

3. You’ve already missed a spot (or two) with your sunscreen, making you look like a giant raspberry swirl ice cream cone. 

4. You just know that you’re going to carry around the May issue of Oprah magazine straight through ’til August without ever getting to the article about summer clothes which will no longer be in the stores by then anyhow. What a bargain! 

5. You’re waiting in line for a three, six-dollar cotton candies at the American Idol concert when Springsteen is playing just down the road. But you’re not bitter. No, really. Your babysitters are all standing in line behind you anyway. 

6. You’ve started a new workout routine—lugging beach toys and babies to the lake/ocean/pool/yard while simultaneously texting Hubby to go get more swim diapers and your Oprah magazine. 

7. You realize now that the UPS truck sounds just like a school bus that makes you jump up and frantically shove papers and sandwiches into the backpacks whenever you hear it. 

8. By the end of the day, each of your children will have three of those little plastic flowers the Vets hand out in front of Wal-mart, Target, and the supermarket, because you didn’t think of buying sandals, sunscreen, crayons, lollipops, beach toys, swim diapers, and the May issue of Oprah magazine until today. 

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