Eighth Birthday

by admin

Eighth Birthday

Wednesday is my daughter’s eighth birthday. I’m taking her to see ‘Tangled’ with a classmate of hers from school. She’s so excited about it, she can hardly wait. I bought tickets online last night for the 24th. We’ll be going to the afternoon matinee.

The plan is to buy theater style candy from the grocery store (it’s on sale right now for $1.00!) and I’ll buy a few different ones. Then buy a medium popcorn and medium pop at the theater for the girls to share. We’ll probably arrive at the theater at least an hour before the movie starts so we can get our tickets. I’m not taking any chances of messing this up.

Last year I wanted to take her to see ‘Lion King’ and we waited too long to do the all-call ticket thing and missed out completely on seeing the play. I ended up taking her to the dollar theater to watch ‘Tales of Desperaux’ or however you spell it. She loved the movie and it ended up being a good thing.

Next year her birthday is on Thanksgiving, something that only happens once every 6 years. Not quite sure what we’ll do, but I’m sure it won’t be on Thanksgiving, perhaps have a party on Saturday or something. It’s a ways off, but I like to at least have some idea long before it’s necessary. I don’t like not having a general plan.

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