Elimination Communication

by admin

Elimination Communication

I’ve never changed a diaper in my whole life and maybe I never will since I ran across a news story regarding the topic of Elimination Communication.


EC goes by many names—”natural infant hygiene,” “infant potty training,” “elimination timing,” “potty whispering,” and “trickle treat.” This diaper-free practice is based upon four main components: timing, signals, cueing, and intuition to completely or partially eliminate the need for diapers. The practice origins come from diaper-less babies in hunter-gathering cultures and less industrialized countries. It’s a modern take on an ancient practice.

My first thoughts was that it must be a slow news day. Come on, everyone knows that babies pooh in their diaper. That’s why baby cry, right? What are Pampers for? I wore Pampers as a baby and I’ll probably leave this earth in adult Depends. So I continue to watch as these mothers explain how they taught their newborns to pooh on command and not soil themselves. Wow, if I can teach our dog Murphy to sit, stay, and pooh outside as a pup, why couldn’t I teach a baby to pooh on command? It sounds reasonable. I must research.